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The Event Cartel is led by three experienced and highly regarded event professionals. Their reputation for amazingly creative and well executed events is well known around Australia. The Event Cartel work with a collective of event suppliers to ensure your job is executed perfectly from concept to delivery every time.

Famous for efficient no-nonsense economical solutions, The Event Cartel know who to call for the best results tailored specifically to your needs. Over 60 years event experience across the team, with events from Egypt to Byron Bay, Sydney to Perth and everywhere in between, The Event Cartel takes the stress out of knowing where to go for professional support – and importantly – without sneaky commissions so horribly hidden in many quotes.

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Why we’re different!


More brains for the price of….. nothing extra.

  • The Cartel are experienced at knowing what happens ‘behind the scenes’. That is, who owns and who sub-hires equipment, the right person to speak to at the venues, and they’re even in the know about current industry offers and specials.
  • By working with a team of suppliers used to collaborating with each other on a regular basis, you’ll get problem solving, logistical expertise, venue management and team work at no extra cost! None of that ‘you contracted them it’s not my problem” spiel. That can be a real life saver, and really allows you to concentrate on what’s important….. your guests.
  • Here’s the biggy – The Cartel don’t charge commission. Having worked with suppliers of all kinds from around the country, The Event Cartel know who’s the right choice for your event. There aren’t preferred supplier agreements where commission is provided for recommendations, The Event Cartel simply contact the best local suppliers for your event, who will deliver the right product/service within the required timeframe, professionally and without overstating requirements.
  • You can use a little or a lot!
 You might have preferred suppliers, already have secured your venue or maybe even sing in a band…. So you only utilise The Cartels’ experience on the bits you need them.
  • Did someone say no overheads?!
 By working with a collaborate team of different suppliers who work from their own spaces, you’re not paying for massive company overheads like overly flashy office space, excess human resources that aren’t directly related to your event and the company coffee (The Cartel prefer wine).
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What we Do

Some of the things The Event Cartel can do:

  • Venue sourcing, recommendations, and negotiations
  • Conference & event concept design – from the get go to event delivery
  • Room design and styling, including floor plans and Audio Visual requirements
  • Tailor designed guest/delegate invitations including database management, RSVP’s, and name tags
  • Graphic and web design
  • Full speaker and entertainment programming including recommendations for business content and entertainment for social events.
  • Pre – Event liaison and event management
  • Onsite Stage Management
  • Venue logistics on site


Why it makes good sense

Simple – you get 3 brains for the price of 1 at no additional cost.

One point of contact will manage all of your event requirements. The Event Cartel will save you money on different line items as we know who to call to get directly to the source of the supply.


How it works

The Cartel will need to know your vision and outcomes required from your event. They’ll discuss with you the different services required, then provide an itemised quote – whether that just be one or two elements or event managing the lot!

The quote is transparent so you can really see where your dollars are being spent, and they’ll quote on suppliers best suited to your requirements. In many cases you will save money and won’t pay for equipment and services excessive to your needs.